Milia are small white-yellowish cysts that contain keratin. They are small bumps that are found just under the skin, similar to a deep whitehead; but unlike whiteheads they are more difficult to remove and self-removal may lead to permanent scars.

Milia can be found in all age groups and genders. They usually are on the face around the eyes and on the cheeks. In older children and adults, it is typically associated with some type of damage to the skin whether it is blistering due to a skin condition (such as rosacea and dandruff), burns, long-term sun damage (always wear sunscreen!), and long-term use of steroid creams. It may also occur when the skin loses its natural ability to exfoliate.

Prior to your treatment. Do NOT pick at the Milia. Picking at it may lead to scarring, bleeding, scabs, and possibly infections.

Here at Laser Advantage we are extra careful when it comes to the removal of Milia.

First we cleanse the skin with one of our gentle cleansers. Once your pores have opened up after the cleansing, we use a lancet to pierce the skin. Lastly we extract the Milia from the skin. We will also help hydrate your skin by recommending the most ideal moisturizer for your skin type.

To help prevent future Milia appearing on your skin, try a facial peel (like our Chemical Peels or V Carbon Peel) to help treat your skin. Always wear mineral sunscreen to help prevent sun damage and great skin care products that are suited for your skin type.