Fotona Scar Revision


The Ultimate Solution for scar revision.

Facial scarring can be difficult to deal with for most; whether it is a keloid scar or acne scarring, it can have a big impact on self confidence.

With Fotona Scar Revision, we can help give you the skin texture you want non-invasively with little to no downtime. The dual wavelength scar-revision therapy to provide immediate visible results to the treated area(s). The treatment addresses the scar’s aesthetic appearance as well as the vascular feeding system to ensure the scar is gone for good!

What to expect:

During the treatment, you may feel a slight heating and snapping sensation against the skin. The treatment length varies on the scar size and severity of the scar.

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How it works


The number of treatments for scar revision depends on the scar itself (size, depth, etc). To determine how many treatments needed, please book a complimentary consult.

Generally all areas, various facial scars including nasal and acne scarring, various body scars.

With a treatment, you will notice some reduction to the scar. Every scar is different so results will vary. To get a better understanding of how long results will last please contact us to book your complimentary consult.

The laser is a mild discomfort and relatively low level pain. Numbing cream can be used to reduce pain.

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