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A revolutionary personalized skincare tailored to your individual skin needs. You no longer need to be overwhelmed by the vast range of skincare products available. Address all your skin concerns with a customized product. Refine your formula over time to adapt to your lifestyle, age, skin condition and any seasonal and environmental effects. Simplify your daily skincare routine with a multi functional solution.


About Universkin™

Ten years of research and clinical studies led to a breakthrough innovation: a cosmetic formula with soothing and preparing properties. The Universkin™ P skincare basis is an innovative serum designed to integrate pharmaceutical grade active ingredients at concentrations decided by your skincare specialist.

The technology derived from these studies ensures optimal delivery of active ingredients to the skin while guaranteeing their homogeniety and stability.

The Universkin™ P serum can integrate up to three pure active ingredients. This method also avoids the use of multiple chemical preservatives. Thus, even the fragile actives-freshly integrated in the emulsion basis-deliver optimal efficacy.

How It Works

To design your formula, an extensive skin analysis is conducted by one of our skincare experts using a comprehensive questionnaire and consultation. A uniquely personalized combination of up to 3 active ingredients selected to best address your identified skin issues are added to the Universkin™ P serum, and in less than 1 minute your skincare formula is prepared just for you! Your formula can then be fine-tuned over time to adapt to your lifestyle, age, skin condition, and any seasonal and environmental effects. Our unique formulation renders the “one-size fits all” skincare products obsolete. Universkin™ formulates a unique product.

To find out more about how you can design your own Universkin™ formula book a free consultation with Laser Advantage today!

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As seen in the May 2018 issue of Canadian Living.


Universkin™ was developed in France by a specialized board of scientists comprised of world-leading plastic surgeons, dermatologists, biologists and pharmacists. Universkin™ is a true revolution in skincare, and is only found exclusively through authorized healthcare professionals. Book a free consultation with Laser Advantage to find out more about this unique customized skincare.

Due to the very nature of Universkin™ customized skincare range, everyone is suitable for treatment. Working with your individual skincare requirements allows us to tailor your treatment and adjust your formula as needed.

Similar to freshly squeezed orange juice, your customized skincare has a suggested shelf life and should be used within 8 weeks. In some cases you may have to keep your mixture refrigerated.

There is no Sunscreen SPF protection in the Unvierskin™ customized skincare. The Canadian Dermatology Association recommends the use of sunscreen as part of your daily routine to protect your skin from sun damage. Our skincare experts will assist you with an appropriate sunscreen.

Universkin™ range of formulations are based on strict scientific criteria:

  • Established formulation protocols form published critical trials
  • Evidence published in medical and scientific reviews
  • Active ingredients selected for their demonstrated clinical efficacy

Very often we can suffer from one or more skin dysfunctions at the same time. Our carefully selected active ingredients can be adapted to provide a complete and targeted treatment that can be adapted to every individual as your needs change.

  1. Yellow: stressed skin
  2. Rose: wrinkles, loss of volume
  3. Red: inflammation, redness, inflammatory acne symptoms of irritable skin, rosacearosaceous acne
  4. Blue: dry skin
  5. Grey: thick skin
  6. Orange: oily skin
  7. Brown: lentigo, melasma, post inflammatory, hyperpigmentation
  8. Green: acne, unbalanced cutaneous flora