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Laser Advantage MedSpa & Fit Bodies, Fit Minds partner to support Women In Crisis (Algoma) Inc. for a “Mother’s Day Treat”


MAY 2, 2016

Laser Advantage MedSpa in partnership with Fit Bodies, Fit Minds recently reached out to support Women In Crisis (Algoma) Inc. in Sault Ste. Marie. The Partnership is designed to support a few women who have experienced abuse and violence with both a Makeover Package provide by LA MedSpa and a personal fitness and yoga package at Fit Bodies, Fit Minds. Jen and Kyla are both self employed mothers who wanted to offer a special Mother’s Day package for two fortunate women through their businesses and for that reason contacted Women In Crisis (Algoma) Inc. Women In Crisis (Algoma) Inc. provides free temporary emergency shelter, crisis line and walk-in support services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to women who have experienced or are experiencing violence. The shelter is designed to ensure that women and their children are supported while they move forward from abuse and violence that they have experienced and/or witnessed. The shelter is accessible and provides a safe temporary home for up to 24 women and children. Other support and services available include confidential counselling support, basic needs, on site child care, positive parenting support, safety planning, Family Court Supports and sexual assault/abuse counselling. The aim of the partnership is “to support survivors in rebuilding their self esteem, self worth and confidence level and to support them in their healing process,” said Jennifer Ruscio, owner Laser Advantage MedSpa. “ Our aim is to bolster their self-esteem by offering them opportunities such as better Skin Care, Injectables such as Botox and Fillers (if needed) and we also have a board certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Cory Goldberg from Toronto as part of the very experienced team.“

Fit Bodies, Fit Minds owner Kyla feels that “fitness and yoga plays a huge part in supporting a person to be mindful in terms of coping with whatever their experience has been and how it affects them day to day. Often people think of abuse as something that occurs in a person’s life and then it is over. What gets lost is the long term impact it can have on self esteem, self confidence, self worth, their mental and physical well being and even their spirituality.” The healing process for many is life long. Both Laser Advantage and Fit Bodies, Fit Minds understand that the services they provide can greatly enhance how a woman feels about herself and for that reason offered to donate their services and time free of charge to support women who have been impacted by abuse and violence in their lives. With a goal of supporting women to enhance their overall well-being, this generous gift was recently offered to two women who gratefully accepted. One woman, whose name is withheld for confidentiality reasons, shared her thoughts on the opportunities that have been offered to her through these two businesses. “The people who have offered this to me are amazing individuals in our community. I was concerned about the procedure and Jen (Laser Advantage) made me feel very comfortable and was really understanding about my feelings. She really put me at ease. I didn’t realize how many good people are out there after you’ve had a bad experience. These people are angels. Kyla from Fit Bodies, Fit Minds is a wonderful person who has a really great heart. You can just tell when people are compassionate. This has been a great experience for me and has helped increase my self confidence. These are wonderful, great people who make a difference in our community. I have never had this kind of experience before and am truly grateful and appreciate all they have done.” Another woman who accepted this opportunity also shared her thoughts. She says that “Jen (Laser Advantage) is really nice and informative. The treatment I received was more manageable than I thought in terms of pain. I am really happy with the treatment and saw results fast!” These two women are very satisfied and happy with the services provided to them by both Jen and Kyla. Sharon Reid, Director of Community Relations & Finance at Women In Crisis shared that many people who have experienced abuse and violence often experience Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which can manifest itself in many ways such as flashbacks, extreme anxiety, challenges coping with everyday life decisions, stress management and the ability to trust others. She says that “Women In Crisis (Algoma) Inc. has been very fortunate to receive strong community support throughout the year; there are many businesses and community citizens who have stepped up to contribute in a very powerful and meaningful way. This Mother’s Day, Laser Advantage and Fit Minds, Fit Bodies have opted to give two women the gift of self care and the knowledge that they are valued citizens of our community. Women In Crisis (Algoma) Inc. commends their efforts in making a difference in our community and shining the light on a social issue which affects us all.”



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Women In Crisis (Algoma) Inc. 23 Oakland Ave, Sault Ste. Marie, ON P6A 3C2

TEL : 705.759.1230 Hours: open 24 hours

Laser Advantage MedSpa 495 Queen Street East, Sault Ste. Marie, ON P6A 1Z9

TEL: 705.256.5420

Fit Bodies. Fit Minds. 491 Queen St. East, Sault Ste. Marie, ON P6A 5N2

TEL: (705) 254-LIFE (5433)

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