Be clear.

“Acne scaring and active acne was wrecking my self-confidence. After a series of IPL treatments and skin care my scaring is gone and my acne is under control. I feel like me again!” – Jenna

Our Medspa is well-equipped to evaluate and treat multiple acne conditions which can be the source of physical and emotional distress and scarring. The variety and severity of acne symptoms can vary greatly from person to person, be it blackheads or inflamed pimples, which can leave your skin with lasting scars.

The good news is that the LA team have multi-faceted acne treatments to encourage better skin care and vitality – all of our recommended procedures and products work effectively in targeting the problematic areas by penetrating deep into the skin’s layers. One of the best things we offer at LA is creating a custom skin care plan for you that delivers a holistic approach to skin care and maintenance. Come in for a consultation today and we can offer recommendations for one of our various in-house treatments like Photorejuvenation or Microdermabrasion, or ask us which of our products will best work for your skin like the Clenziderm M.D™ acne treatment line from Obagi®. Be sure to contact us today for recent developments in acne treatments and procedures as we are constantly striving to give you highly satisfying results.

Our Treatment Options Include

  • Peels and microdermabrasion
  • Laser resurfacing
  • Professional skin care products